Pedagogy prevails in Panasonic’s new school program: “Power Classes 2019 Wanted!”

Pedagogy prevails in Panasonic’s new school program: “Power Classes 2019 Wanted!”

Zellik, 10 July 2019 – Panasonic Energy aims to educate third and fourth graders in Germany with the launch of a school program focusing on science, power and sustainability.

Panasonic Energy, in collaboration with marketing experts for families and children, KB&B, announced its first experiential education program, “Power Classes 2019 Wanted!”, that will exclusively launch this October in Germany. The educational program not only includes all course materials, but schools can participate in a contest to win a visit from Cirque du Soleil® artists and Panasonic technical experts who will teach students how to build their own battery.

Meaningful materials

Panasonic will provide a full study package of ready-made educational materials for the entire multiweek program. The package includes booklets for both teachers and students, tests, and games. The first 2500 teachers who apply will receive the entire study package, and all other teachers will conveniently be able to download all the materials on the campaign website. After one week of announcing the program, 1300 teachers have already applied.

Curated curriculum

The core curriculum playfully attempts to stimulate children’s interest and imagination in electricity and energy, specifically relating to batteries. The experiential relevance of the material showcases how this knowledge can be used in students’ everyday lives and contextualises how batteries fit into a sustainability paradigm. The materials provide guidelines for experiments that foster hands-on, multisensory learning.

Subject matter content will focus on, amongst other things:

  • How batteries work to create energy and what such power can do
  • How different battery types are used for different types of everyday appliances

Contest with Cirque du Soleil

To motivate teachers and students to complete the entire program, each school has the option to participate in a contest. The winning school will win an appearance from world-renowned Cirque du Soleil artists, as well as an educational visit from Panasonic technical experts in January 2020.

This isn’t the first time Panasonic and Cirque du Soleil have partnered. For over two years, the two organisations have collaborated for other contests, and Panasonic is an official partner of TOTEM™ by Cirque du Soleil in Europe. The shows TOTEM™, Amaluna™, LUZIA™, and Corteo™ by Cirque du Soleil all use Panasonic batteries to power elements of their audio equipment.

Even without the Cirque du Soleil grand prize, the top ten participating schools are still winners. The second to fourth place schools will be awarded a HABA digital workshop project day, which will teach students to bring battery-powered robots to life! Schools placing in the fifth to tenth spots will win Panasonic lantern batteries that work with their school equipment to encourage students to continuously participate in exciting battery-related experiments.

Education for “A Better Life, A Better World”

The “Power Classes 2019 Wanted!” education program in Germany adds to the list of other educational support Panasonic has provided over the years. Since 1989, Panasonic has nurtured a global hands-on video educational program, “Kid Witness News (KWN),” with the aim to stimulate children's creativity, build communication skills and encourage teamwork.

Further, in 2015, in coordination with Panasonic's ongoing Eco Learning Program, Panasonic partnered with Myanmar’s Ministry of Education to support a two-year educational project for the sustainable development of historic and cultural communities. Panasonic’s Eco Learning Program is an education program that raises environmental awareness of the next generation of children and motivates them to take action.

For the future of Panasonic’s educational efforts, the company will focus globally on TAKUMI. Takumi means ‘master craftmanship’ in Japanese and expresses the sum of an artisan’s irreplaceable depth of experience and knowledge. The TAKUMI educational project will focus on battery technology developments that have been refined over decades and will continuously grow.

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