Panasonic celebrates a century of reliability

Panasonic celebrates a century of reliability

Panasonic celebrated its 100th anniversary on Wednesday 7 March. The leading manufacturer of electronic goods has been contributing to ‘a Better Life, a Better World’ ever since 1918. In honour of the anniversary, Panasonic Energy continues with the roll-out of its new global battery packaging which highlight the brand values of quality, reliability and innovation.

Panasonic batteries are made in 19 facilities in 13 different countries. Since its foundation in 1918, Panasonic has sold its’ batteries in 120 countries and produced over 210 billion batteries, which if put together in a line would equal a distance of 10,500,000 km or 13 times to the moon and back! After 100 years of innovation, Panasonic aspires to continue helping society progress through the development and improvement of high-quality batteries.

New global design
Following last year’s launch of the global alkaline battery packaging design, Panasonic plans to redesign the packaging on its SpecialistZinc and Rechargeable battery ranges to help the consumer choose the right battery for their needs. The new packaging focuses on the key sales points and the ranges are clearly differentiated by colour. In addition icons are used to indicate which appliances the batteries can power, and a reference code has been added to the coin cell packs. As part of the revamped packaging Panasonic has visualised the sun to reflect its innovative brand value and a forward view of the future of energy.

100 years of innovation
Panasonic was founded in Japan in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. He launched the company’s first battery lamp in 1923, and soon after developed the first dry batteries. In 1979, Matsushita established its subsidiary currently known as ‘Panasonic Energy’ to become the world’s leading comprehensive battery manufacturer. Since then, Panasonic has continued to extend the limits of what is possible leading to the release of the sustainable eneloop battery in 2005 and the EVOLTA alkaline battery range in 2008. By 2018, Panasonic is perceived as the leading global manufacturer of batteries for Consumer Electronics, Homes, the Automotive Industry and B2B Solutions.

Further product innovations will be revealed by Panasonic Energy Europe during May this year.

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Ann-Sophie Cardoen ARK Communication
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Ann-Sophie Cardoen ARK Communication
Vicky Raman Brand Marketing Manager, Panasonic Energy Europe NV
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