Panasonic: batteries at their best

Panasonic: batteries at their best

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Panasonic Energy Group Europe holds a unique market positioning in Europe’s battery market. Its alkaline batteries are created calling on the very latest technologies to provide long-lasting, reliable energy. An accolade it will be further showcasing throughout the year with a European exclusive co-branding activation with The Angry Birds Movie.

Greater performance over a longer period
Panasonic’s primary batteries are designed with a power density that enables them to last longer. New technologies help prevent leakage, short circuits and damage from impact. In tough conditions, and even after long periods in storage, Panasonic’s alkaline batteries deliver reliable performance and outstanding value for money. 

 A highly diverse product portfolio
Panasonic’s battery division dates back to the early 1930s. Since that time, the company has focused on designing and developing new batteries that guarantee outstanding performance. It has a programme of continual innovation; exploring new technologies and how they can add real value to Panasonic’s already advanced batteries. Today, Panasonic boasts a highly diversified product range. Its portfolio of alkaline batteries includes: 

  • Evolta: Panasonic’s number-one primary battery. It offers exceptional power performance in all drain devices, whether low, middle or high demand. It outperforms high premium competitors in commonly accepted industry tests. Its greater power and longer life also has ecological implications; fewer batteries are used and thrown away.
  • Pro Power: Panasonic Pro Power Alkaline batteries last up to 85% longer than the brand’sAlkaline Power batteries. They offer premium energy and are thus ideal for high and medium drain appliances.
  • Everyday Power: Thanks to improved capacity (up to 50% longer lasting than the Panasonic Alkaline Power batteries), Panasonic Everyday Power batteries are the perfect power solution for commonly used devices. They have an excellent price versus quality ratio.
  • Alkaline Power: Just like Panasonic’s Everyday Power battery, the Alkaline Power battery is a value-for-money power solution. It provides reliable and dependable power for everyday appliances that require more energy.

Eminent parentage 
Panasonic Energy Group Europe is part of Panasonic Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development and production of consumer electronics. Its unique market positioning has enabled Panasonic Energy Group Europe to become Europe's largest battery manufacturer today.

The Angry Birds Movie
This year, Panasonic Energy is European co-branding partner for the 3D animated comedy The Angry Birds Movie. The film, inspired by the popular puzzle video game of the same name, takes the viewer on an adventure to discover what makes the birds so angry all the time. The Angry Birds won’tjustbe starring on screen; they’llbefeaturingon packaging of Panasonic batteries and on shop displays and other point of sales materials. Panasonic will also be holding a number of Angry Birds themed competitions throughout the year offering a diverse range of prizes, at least one of which will be an Angry Birds look-alike competition.

The European premiere of The Angry Birds Movie is scheduled for May 2016. 

Want a sneak peek of some of the movie? 
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