Panasonic and POWER RANGERS, the best choice for your toys in 2020

Panasonic and POWER RANGERS, the best choice for your toys in 2020

21 January 2020, Zellik - This year, global play and entertainment company Hasbro and Europe’s biggest battery manufacturer Panasonic Energy team up in a new adventure. The collaboration will include Special Edition POWER RANGERS Battery Packs and your very own chance to win an appearance in a POWER RANGERS episode.

What do the POWER RANGERS brand and Panasonic Energy have in common? Both represent remarkable reliability, extreme energy and endurance you can trust. 2020 sees a year-long collaboration between both iconic brands.

POWER RANGERS, a Hasbro brand since 2018, is stronger than ever. The POWER RANGERS TV series is one of the longest-running children’s live-action series, with over 900 episodes currently shown by more than 165 broadcasters worldwide. The brand has 6M+ subscribers on YouTube, 2.7M followers on Facebook and 310K followers on Instagram. POWER RANGERS are much more than television entertainment; the range includes toys and games, consumer products and digital gaming.

Children deserve the very best

Almost one in five toys in European households are battery-operated. Families with children need reliable batteries every day. Panasonic offers a wide range of high-quality, powerful and durable batteries.

Panasonic Alkaline Batteries offer long-lasting energy, perfect to power children’s toys day after day. The EVOLTA range has exceptional power, to meet the requirements of high-drain products like toys, robots and drones. Panasonic Pro Power batteries for their part, are a great fit for toy car remote controls, walkie talkies and other toys. Developed to provide reliable and dependable power day after day, Panasonic Everyday Power batteries are the ideal solution for your commonly used devices including television remote controls and torches.
Panasonic offers a full line of batteries, from alkaline to rechargeable and speciality batteries. Two products from the speciality range provide especially great results in toys. First, Panasonic LR44 Micro Alkaline batteries are designed to provide reliable and long-lasting power. They are perfect for small devices like laser pens, small remote controls and watches. Second, the Panasonic Lithium Coin CR2032 has a high voltage of 3V: lots of power in an ultra-compact design. This battery has proven highly reliable and long-lasting in repeated tests under varying environmental conditions such as low and high temperatures. It is also equipped with high leak protection, so the Lithium Coin is a very safe option in children’s toys.

Win an appearance in a POWER RANGERS episode

Special Edition POWER RANGERS packs for Panasonic EVOLTA, Pro Power, Everyday Power, Micro Alkaline and Lithium Coin batteries will take over shops and online stores from April 2020. Apart from a collector’s design, the Panasonic-Hasbro collaboration will offer your very own chance to win an appearance in the POWER RANGERS series.

Go to (from the beginning of April), get the family together and create an audition video, upload it to the website and you could feature in an episode of the POWER RANGERS TV series. A public winner will be announced in January 2021.


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