Panasonic achieves CO2-neutral production status at two factories

Panasonic achieves CO2-neutral production status at two factories

Following the launch of its Environment Vision in June 2017, Panasonic Group reports that two of its factories in Belgium and Japan have now achieved the coveted Zero-CO2status, taking the group a step further towards obtaining its vision for CO2-neutral production across all of its factories around the world by 2050.

The two factories; Panasonic Energy Belgium (PECBE) and Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC) in Japan, simultaneously reached the status of Zero-CO2production last month and now serve as models for other Panasonic production facilities, with plans to extend emission-reducing activities globally.

PECBE has reduced its CO2emissions by approximately 3,200 tonnes as a result of reaching Zero-CO2 status.  This has been achieved through a combination of the installation of a wind turbine, switching all procured energy to 100 percent renewable energy, using carbon offsets that comply with Verified Carbon Standards (VCS) and switching its boilers to energy-saving models.  In addition, PECBE continues to promote a variety of environmentally friendly initiatives, including the use of LED lighting and encouraging the switching of company vehicles to electric models.

Panasonic acknowledges that as a global corporate citizen, it should contribute positively to the environment by creating more energy than it uses. A dedicated, company-wide CO2reduction working group was formed in 2017, working towards helping achieve some of the targets set in the 2050 Environment vision.

Ann-Sophie Cardoen Project Manager, ARK BBN
Vicky Raman Brand Marketing Manager, Panasonic Energy Europe NV
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