How to use (and choose) the right batteries

How to use (and choose) the right batteries

In these corona days, we’re staying inside more than ever. We’re working from home, playing indoors with the kids or cooking the most delicious pancakes… All these activities require a lot of equipment – and even more battery power. So how do you get the most out of them? With 100+ years of experience, Panasonic is pleased to share some tips and tricks.

How to use your batteries correctly

1. If your device needs two or more batteries, then you should always use the same type. Never mix old and new batteries and, if possible, only use batteries from the same package (with the same expiration date). Never use different brands together in the same device, as they will have different compositions and different power levels. Mixing will lead to malfunctions and leakage, which is something you want to avoid, isn’t it?

2. Handle your batteries with care. While Panasonic batteries are made to last, you shouldn’t scratch, throw, drop or heat them. Never attempt to dismantle them; you have a high risk of hurting yourself and damaging the environment.

 3. Three rules of thumb for battery storage

  1. high and safe: keep them away from direct sunlight and children.
  2. dry: keep them away from moisture.
  3. non-conductive container: keep them away from jewellery and other metallic items.

If your batteries are stored properly, then they will generally retain their power. If you’re not going to use your equipment for an extended period of time (during a winter break, for example), then make sure you remove the batteries. Most devices perform periodical ‘checks’ to see if the equipment is still functioning properly. These checks require small amounts of energy and, if they occur too often, the batteries may start to leak.

4. Choose the right battery for your device. If your device runs on AA batteries, then use only AA batteries. Smaller batteries simply won’t connect. You can, of course, use a battery spacer to convert smaller batteries (A size) to C or D size.

Did you know that the choosing right battery isn’t all about size, though? High or low-drain, rechargeable or not, for your kids toys, for your household, or for professional photography - Panasonic has the right battery range for every purpose.

How to choose your batteries correctly

1. More play time for the kids

Almost one in five playthings is powered by batteries. The range available today is more sophisticated than ever, including walkie-talkies, robots and many other battery-operated toys. And for good reason: they allow children to enhance their learning capabilities and personal development, by improving dexterity, language skills and expanding their imaginations.

Battery leakage. That’s the last thing you want, right? You therefore need to choose a battery with a long-lasting capacity that’s suitable for medium to high-drain appliances, such as Panasonic EVOLTA, to expand the fun. 

2. Gamers, get your controller under control

New video game controllers are going wireless to enhance your experience. After all, if you’re anything like your characters, you don’t want to lose battery power in the middle of the game!

The energy-efficient design (The Xbox One series, for example) allows you to play games for weeks without needing to change the batteries. You will you need to change them eventually, though, so you’d better opt for rechargeable batteries, to minimize the risk of a game over. eneloop rechargeable batteries can be charged more often, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

3. Photographers, get your perfect picture

Always on the road or in the studio? For a photographer, time is money and money is in your gear (camera and flashes). For that perfect picture, you have to achieve a combination of a number of factors. Besides your stunning model, optimized gear and the perfect spot, there’s the choice of batteries to consider. That choice is simple: long-lasting batteries for high power consumption. This type of battery enables you to work more quickly, longer and better. eneloop pro batteries fit the bill.

4. Make teleworking work

Working from home? Make it as comfortable as possible. That’s not easy with toddlers running around the house. Like your work (and your children), your devices can be energy-consuming, so you need batteries with reliable, dependable power for high and medium-drain appliances. That way, you can enjoy every minute. A computer mouse that does the job, some music to keep you relaxed and focused and a baby monitor to make sure everything's okay upstairs. Sounds like a comfortable way to work from home, doesn’t it? Well, the Panasonic Pro Power range makes all this possible.

5. Charge up nature

We’re surrounded by smart devices that simplify our everyday life. On the flip side, though, they require lots and lots of energy. Buying new batteries every couple of weeks? Obviously, that’s a no go.

Choose eneloop rechargeable batteries. Pre-charged with sustainable solar energy, they’re not just cheaper in the long run; they also outperform regular batteries. Each time you recharge (up to 2,100 times!*), you’re saving on the cost of replacement batteries and, at the same time, reducing waste. So Mother Nature will be happy, too. Discover the eneloop range, for a sustainable mindset.

6. For tech lovers

Robots and drones. Toys for (big) girls and boys that keep you occupied for hours – even days. They’re power-hungry devices as well, though. You need the right batteries to keep those robots moving and those drones flying high in the sky. You need high-performance batteries that are safe and secure.

The EVOLTA NEO range batteries have the longest lifespan in the history of Panasonic and are safer than ever. Thanks to the improved technology, the risk of leakage has been reduced by at least 30%. On top of that, the silver compound inside the batteries absorbs gas in the event of overcharging, largely preventing gas emission during storage.

7. A healthy family

What’s the cornerstone of a happy family? Health. Mother and daughter love to go out for a run with their sports watches, while father and son go for a bike ride with their GPS trackers. What about granddad? He loves to listen to their adventures with his new hearing aid.

These devices don’t work with standard AA or AAA batteries; they need some special support. Here’s where the Panasonic Speciality range comes in, in all its forms. Designed for small and energy-hungry appliances, to improve the health of your family.

8. Empower your daily life activities

Running a household? Then you need a lot of power, battery power. Most devices run on batteries. Your kitchen scales, so you can make the perfect cake for your friend’s birthday. Your remote control so you can watch your favourite television show. Your wall clock to keep an eye on, when your kid’s bedtime is approaching.

You need reliable, dependable power. The Panasonic EveryDay Power range can offer you just that. These batteries are perfect for your appliances, as they require the same amount of power every day. You can use them in a wide range of applications that demand a steady, medium-to-low current.

9. For the ones that are always being (re)charged

Opting for rechargeable batteries is a smart choice. You’ll never have to worry about your favourite device running out of power. Apart from which, they’re sustainable. No waste, just recharging, over a thousand times.

Save money and time. The BQ-CC87 charger, for example, is an even smarter choice. It can rapidly and individually charge any combination of up to four AA or AAA eneloop batteries in just 4.25 hours. Mobile charging technology enables you to charge mobile phones and other devices from stored battery power using a USB output port.

At Panasonic, we like to stay positive. We’re hoping we will all soon be able to go back out and explore the world. So that’s why we have one more tip.

Last but not least. For the adventurous ones

Love to take a walk (or ride) on the wild side? Then you know the importance of the right gear. From camping to hiking tours… you need to stuff a lot into your backpack: flashlights, GPS tracker, walkie-talkie… Stuff that requires low to medium-drain-device batteries. First and foremost, though, you need batteries that are resistant to cold and rough circumstances, such as NiMH batteries.

eneloop batteries will maintain excellent performance in colder temperatures - even as low as -20°C. Runtimes may differ, depending on how cold it is, but you will still enjoy a steady discharge up until the end.


* Panasonic internal testing IEC61951-2 2011(; 600 cycles according to IEC61951-2 2017(’

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