EVOLTA batteries showcase high performance and stability in children’s favourite battery-operated toys

EVOLTA batteries showcase high performance and stability in children’s favourite battery-operated toys

Zellik, 7 November 2019 – Children benefit in many ways when they interact with battery-operated toys. They provide learning experiences and optimise physical and cognitive development in children. Such toys require high-performing batteries to run reliably and safely, and EVOLTA batteries have proven to be the best when put to the test.

Battery-operated toys gain popularity

Today, almost one in five toys are battery operated. From walkie-talkies and robots, to tablets and computers, to cameras and trains, the range of toys available is wide, and more sophisticated and exciting than ever. Battery-operated toys provide the opportunity for children to enhance their learning and development experiences, including improving dexterity, language skills and expanding their imaginations.

These toys vary in terms of how much battery energy is required to operate them, yet the most demanding toys require powerful alkaline batteries to maximise their learning benefits.

Opinions matter – a consumer survey

When it comes to buying batteries, parents prioritise high performance. This was revealed in a German survey of 976 parents with children up to 14 years of age. The main purpose was to gain insight into battery buying behaviour for children’s toys and knowledge of battery brands. According to the findings, 42% of parents spend, on average, between 100 to 250 euros on toys each year. It’s safe to say that long-lasting and stable batteries for these toys is a high priority for many parents.

Perfect fit for toys

The all-alkaline Panasonic EVOLTA battery range is suitable for medium- to high-drain appliances, especially toys. Its ultimate, long-lasting energy lasts longer than your children, even after numerous hours of playing.

And with battery leakage being a main concern reported by consumers, damage to costly battery-operated toys is a potential headache. Thanks to EVOLTA’s advanced design and technology, the risk of battery leakage is at least one third less than before.

Better than the rest

The EVOLTA battery range was put to the test and the results speak for themselves. The LEGO® train challenge tested competitive battery brands to determine which train would run the longest, therefore offering the longest playing time. EVOLTA was the clear winner, displaying at least 25 percent more power when compared with the competition. 

This is proof that EVOLTA batteries are better than the rest. They have an advanced design, unique to Panasonic, that offers more room for the active ingredients, thus maximising performance. Moreover, the batteries retain their high-performing capability, even after extremely long periods of storage. This is relevant considering 62% of survey respondents fully agreed with the statement, “I buy batteries in stock regardless of whether I need them or not." 

It keeps getting better

Continuously striving to improve its battery range to address the challenges of alkaline batteries, Panasonic has developed EVOLTA NEO, which is designed to be even more powerful. In fact, it has been proven to be the longest lasting alkaline battery developed in the history of Panasonic.

The EVOLTA NEO uses a silver compound to absorb gas in case of overcharging, preventing gas emission during storage. Such characteristics make this new battery even more stable than its predecessor.

EVOLTA NEO is currently only available online. For more information, please visit the webpage.



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