eneloop launches new storage case as a sustainable packaging solution

eneloop launches new storage case as a sustainable packaging solution

Panasonic’s sustainable battery brand eneloop are now even more environmentally friendly with the launch of their new reusable case. Made from recycled PET, the material is a greener alternative to the original single-use packaging. It also reduces waste as its durability means it can be used as a handy storage case.

This is a natural progression for eneloop who have provided their high-quality and ready-to-use rechargeable batteries for years. Now, the new durable packaging is just as useful as the product itself, becoming a highly-effective tool to easily store batteries at home or in the workplace.

The trusted batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and can be used up to 2,100 times (depending on battery type). They are used worldwide in both personal and professional settings and are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable batteries.

The new case launches in December and will only be available online. The case comes with a 4 or 8-pack of eneloop batteries in sizes AA and AAA. The eneloop pro batteries are available in a reusable case in a 4-pack also for AA and AAA.

Pocket-sized USB charger
The launch coincides with another exciting development. In January, eneloop will also make its new pocket-sized USB charger available, the CC80 battery charger. This portable charger is perfect for travel and features two slots for charging at the same time. It will be available in two versions: a pack with 2 eneloop AA batteries included, or one which only contains the charger.

What our customers say
We’re more than satisfied using the eneloop batteries here during our TOTEM tour. I can confidently use them straight from the pack in shows, without having to charge them first. They have a fantastic capacity to be charged and discharged – we do full-cycle charges every day. Compared with other brands, they retain their charge very well, even over time without use. The build of the outer jacket is one of the more solid I’ve seen so far. We’re going to continue using eneloop for a long, long time.”
Stephan Mendi, Sound Technician Cirque du Soleil
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