eneloop contributes to a good cause

eneloop contributes to a good cause

Panasonic helps preserve the environment with the European Photo Challenge

Panasonic Energy Europe has launched the third edition of its eneloop European Photo Challenge, and at the same time further boosted awareness for its environmental credentials by agreeing to donate money to organizations that focus on the wellbeing of our planet.  This highlights the importance that Panasonic places on sustainability, by not just offering superior environmentally friendly products, but also by providing support to organizations that share its green vision.

Running from the 1st December 2015 until the 31 December 2016, Panasonic is organizing a photography contest built around the themes of sustainability and the environment. During the period, there are five separate photography competitions, each focusing on a different environmental theme. Consumers are challenged to send in their best “green” photo matching the theme and then collect “likes” via the website. Both the overall photograph with the most votes and the 2 photographs with the most votes per country will win prizes. The overall winner of the WINTER theme was Tomasz Jastrzębowski from Poland who is now the proud owner of a fabulous Panasonic action cam HX-A1, eneloop pro rechargeable batteries and a CC16 charger. To coincide with the longer days, it seems only logical that SPRING is the central theme for the currently running third eneloop Photo Challenge. The lucky winners will be announced on 30 June 2016.

eneloop is Panasonic’s answer for a more environmentally friendly battery that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. The revolutionary batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times, not only making them more economical, but also helping to reduce the number of batteries that are sent to the world’s landfill sites. Besides raising eneloop’s brand profile, the goal of the photo challenge is to raise public awareness for the health of our planet.

To further underscore its commitment to the environment, Panasonic is offering a donation of € 5000 – as part of the eneloop Photo Challenge - to an organization involved in supporting the environment. For each of the three remaining challenges, participants are asked to link their photo to one of the environmental organizations who’ve registered to be part of the contest. The organization that is linked to the winning photograph will receive Panasonic’s donation. The organization chosen most frequently by participants also receives € 5000. All organizations benefit from the extra visibility generated by the contest and have their name linked with Panasonic’s most environmentally friendly battery brand.

Already, many organizations from all over Europe, ranging from large well-known charities to smaller local organizations, have signed up to be part of the contest. They all stand an equal chance of benefitting from the donation. You can find the list of organizations at: https://photochallenge.panasonic-eneloop.eu/en/organisations. Environmental organizations not yet involved still have time to register via the following link: https://photochallenge.panasonic-eneloop.eu/en/organisations/add.

Julie Post Project Manager, ARK Communicatie
Vicky Raman Brand Marketing Manager, Panasonic Energy Europe NV
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