Contestants Go Head-to-Head in 120-Day Hike for the Green Cause

Contestants Go Head-to-Head in 120-Day Hike for the Green Cause

Until October 20th, the contesting teams in the eneloop expedition 2100 are giving their all to strengthen their position during the weekly challenges and by engaging their audiences both online and in person at the City Stops. The team that crosses the finish in Milan with the highest score wins a donation of 21,000 euros to the sustainable cause they represent. Currently, the Polish Team Red seems to be running in the lead. 

There’s only four more weeks until the three expedition teams battling in the eneloop expedition 2100 reach the finish in Milan – also the final City Stop of every team. From the start of Panasonic eneloop’s 120-day hiking contest on June 23rd, the teams have been trying to climb their way to the top through three recurring tasks: the weekly assignments, the more creative weekly battles and four City Stops each, for which there are 1, 3 or 12 points to be earned, respectively.

Until now, the teams have been head-to-head in the challenges and weekly battles, the Polish “travel brothers” of Team Red having built a slight advantage of merely six points over their counterparts. However, the Danish Team Purple and British Team Yellow can still secure their victory by boosting their scores during the remaining City Stops. Moreover, Panasonic eneloop will be awarding 5, 10 or 20 additional points to the teams at the finish line, depending on the scale of their fan base and engagement on Facebook.

In order to emphasize its core values of sustainability and respect for the environment, the competition organizer eneloop brought out a limited series of batteries in natural colours -- including the environmental shades of the expedition. They are available in camouflage green, desert khaki, metallic grey and emergency orange. eneloop batteries that are pre-charged with solar energy will last longer for each charge than traditional batteries, thanks to their higher electrical charge. They are temperature-resistant and lose no energy even in freezing weather - an important advantage now that the expedition teams are heading for the Alps.

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About the eneloop expedition

The eneloop expedition 2100 is a challenging 120-day trek across Europe of approximately 2,100 kilometres, named after Panasonic’s environmentally-friendly eneloop batteries and the number of times they can be recharged. In this hiking contest, 3 green-hearted duos compete for a donation of no less than 21,000 euros to a sustainable cause of their choice. The organisations of the runners-up receive 2,100 euros each. In addition to adventure and money for their charity, each team member wins their expedition equipment plus some clever Panasonic gadgets.

The teams are equipped with eneloop batteries for bargaining, the necessary trekking gear, camping meals and a drone. The expedition sponsors are Columbia Sportswear (outdoor clothing), Nordisk (outdoor equipment), Xiro (small-sized drones) and Fairphone (environmentally responsible smartphones), T-mobile Austria (mobile phone plans), Sparkle (social media displays), Adventure Food (instant meals for outdoor activities), Husky (outdoor equipment), Panasonic (electronic appliances).

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